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Exercise Equipment

Rothco Pace Counter Beads - 7157

CODE: 613902071575

$6.00   $4.99

This Rothco Pace Counter Beads features 13 black plastic beads on OD polyester cord, loop at top with 4 beads in top section, 9 beads in lower section use to... More 

Minimum quantity for "Rothco Pace Counter Beads - 7157" is 1.

Valeo Open Patella Knee Support - KSO


$10.99   $9.99

This Valeo Open Patella Knee Support KSO features additional neoprene panel surrounds patella, terry-lined vented neoprene for maximum comfort, contour fit.

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Open Patella Knee Support - KSO" is 1.

Valeo Dual Ab Wheel - VAW


$12.99   $10.99

This Valeo Dual Ab Wheel VAW features two non-skid wheels for stability and durability, easy grip handles to prevent slippage, strengthen and tone abs,... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Dual Ab Wheel - VAW" is 1.

Valeo Push-Up Bar - PUB


$12.99   $10.99

This Valeo Push PUB features durable molded plastic bars, cushioned foam grips and non-skid removable bases. One pair

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Push-Up Bar - PUB" is 1.

Valeo RTK Resistance Tube Kit - RTK


$25.99   $22.99

This Valeo RTK Resistance Tube Kit RTK features 3 resistance tubes: light, medium, heavy, each tube made of 4' long latex-free natural rubber, cushioned foam... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo RTK Resistance Tube Kit - RTK" is 1.

Valeo Dual Resistance Bands - DRB


$8.99   $7.99

This Valeo Dual Resistance Bands DRB features 1 elongated band for a total body workout, 1 circular band for arm and leg workouts, durable natural rubber... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Dual Resistance Bands - DRB" is 1.

Valeo Competition Black Lifting Glove - GLLW


$15.99   $13.99

This Valeo Competition Black Lifting Glove GLLW features padded palms and fingers for extra comfort, double leather palms, durable leather with reinforced... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Competition Black Lifting Glove - GLLW" is 1.

Valeo Yoga Kit - YOK


$30.99   $27.99

This Valeo Yoga Kit YOK features 24 inch x 68 inch sticky mat, 72 inch woven cotton strap with buckle, two firm foam blocks 3 inch x 6 inch x 9 inch , nylon... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Yoga Kit - YOK" is 1.

Valeo Stretch Bands - VSB


$15.99   $13.99

This Valeo Stretch Bands VSB features three 4 foot bands provide 3 levels of resistance: Yellow for light, red for medium, blue for heavy, flat latex bands... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Stretch Bands - VSB" is 1.

Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer - NWT


$6.99   $5.99

This Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer NWT features 8 inch wide comfortable neoprene for heat retention, easily adjustable for perfect fit, can be worn over or... More 

Minimum quantity for "Valeo Neoprene Waist Trimmer - NWT" is 1.

Occunomix Safety Terry Toppers Wristband - OCX-887


$4.99   $4.00

Occunomix Terry Toppers Wristband 887. Extra long and extra thick, 9mm cotton Terry Toppers Wristband is made of double napped (both sides) cotton terry (on... More 

Minimum quantity for "Occunomix Safety Terry Toppers Wristband - OCX-887" is 1.


Valeo 65 cm Blue Body Ball - BFEX

$18.99   $16.99

Valeo Ab Straps - ABS

$39.99   $35.99

Valeo Speed Jump Rope - JRS

$6.99   $5.99

Valeo Ocelot Black Wrist Wrap Lifting Glove - GLOWBLK

$19.99   $17.99

Valeo Hand Grip - HGR

$5.99   $4.99

Valeo Foam Exercise Mat - FEM

$19.99   $17.99

Valeo 18 in Foam Roller - FR18

$23.99   $20.99

Valeo Mesh Back Black Lifting Glove - GMLS

$5.99   $4.99

Valeo Portable Fitness Kit - PFK

$17.99   $15.99

Valeo 75 cm Red Body Ball - BFEX

$18.99   $16.99